Primus Express Spider II Stove

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Express Spider is one of the lightest hose-mounted gas stoves available.

The upgrades on Express Spider II include new pot supports that lock securely in the unfolded position and folds tighter making the stove more compact when sutffed away.

The stove offers a low centre of gravity and stability, yet weighing in at only 200 grams it barely adds pack-weight compared to most top mounted stoves. With the optional Primus Multifuel Kit, the Spider II can be converted to run on liquid fuel such as white gas, making it a lightweight four-season stove. Express Spider II comes with a heat reflector and a nylon storage bag.

Gas not included.


Height (mm): 82
Diameter (mm): 50
Burn time: 119 min on 230 g
Length (mm): 105
Effect (W): 2000
Boiling time 1l PrimeTech Pot / Regular Pot: 3:35 / 5:00
People: 1-4
Ignition: No
Weight (g): 200