Zempire Camping Tents

Zempire Camping Tents

Each range of Zempire Camping Tents is designed for a specific style of camping. Every tent is pitched and inspected before it gets to you and each model is tested in a rain tester that drowns them in a massive 450mm of rain every hour!

There are four different types of Zempire Camping Tent available in the range 

1 - The Premium Canvas range. These canvas tents are built to last and are designed for kiwi's who are going away for longer periods and plan to spend lots of time inside their tent during the day. The Premium Canvas range are the most comfortable and spacious tents in the Freedom tent range.

2 - The Airflow range (green dome tents) feature Zempire's unique venting roof design. This allows hot air to escape while still keeping you perfectly dry in all conditions. The Airflow range of tents are portable and super fast to pitch, making them ideal for the camper who is on the move.

3 - The Adventure range (yellow tents) are the lightest and most durable of the Zempire tent range, designed to handle the New Zealand bush, yet compact and light enough to throw in a pack.

4 - The Aerodome range. The future of family camping has arrived. Aerodome tents remove the hassle and stress out of camping, making short trips a breeze. Durable, Stable, Fast and Easy!