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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.


Q: Is it reusable?

A: Absolutely! Because it's made from a medical grade silicone, it can withstand wash after wash. One GoGirl can last a lifetime. It's also low cost so you can dispose of it without feeling guilty.

Q: Are they recyclable?

A: No, silicone is not recyclable. GoGirl is considered earth
friendly because it is reusable. (Love Mother Earth)

Q: What can I wash it with?

A: Just soap and water works great. Many women just stick it
in the dishwasher. (Remember, urine is sterile)

Q: What's the bag for?

A: The bag is for storage or disposal. (Please don't pee in the bag).

Q: Is GoGirl a collection device?

A: No. It's very much like a funnel, with an angle so the urine is
directed away from your feet. (We're working on a collection device)

Q: How do you get it back in the tube?

A: Refer to our website here for more info. Rinse and dry
then fold it and wrap the storage/dispose bag around it and slip
it back into the tube. Some women like to include a tissue in the
wrap for convenience.


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GoGirl Extension Tube

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